Friday, April 29, 2005

Hmm!! Lost in transition!

Difficult to choose as to what you should write about...
even when it is mostly and only yourself who is looking forward to it ..

the only thing that comes to mind is jot down what has been hitting me for past few weeks..

-came across an article in The Economist which informs that a team of researchers are working on DNA research to help identify genealogy chains. The key to this are two DNA, mitocondrial DNA that are passed only from mothers to daughters ( passed to sons also but they cant pass on further) and Y chromosome DNA that are passed on from fathers to sons only. These two DNA are supposed to be least subjected to mutation thus key to the original DNA owners. With this researchers are hoping to find genealogy keys to unlock the questions of roots.

-reading a book on palmistry, now that reminds me of one old friend from school who ones told me that such inclination to astrology etc is sure sign of influence of Saturn ( Shani ki Dasha !!). Now wonder if the quest of learning palmistry will lead me where...!!?? He sure was in doldrums with his life in the period when he was practicing it!!

- train accident news are common for us in India, and unfortunately they come and go and still we go on as nothing ever happened. Now it happened in Japan also, maybe Laloo will point out that his department has no faults as accidents can happen in Japan also!!
but what I have noticed is that there is a tendency for these accidents to take place in a spate... within the period of one accidents there will be a few more around the same time... for example this time we have had within this period 4 train accidents around the world!! Don't know if there is bigger cosmic design !!

-came back to Dhaka last week and learnt of real man made catastrophe that had happened a few days prior to my arrival. A nine story factory building fell down in a heap!! Fortunately the accident happened in the night thus not resulting into really disastrous human tragedy (would have killed approx 3000 workers instead of loss of 100s that happened otherwise). I had always looked at these high rise factories and apartments that Dhaka has been plagued with in the name of development and had wondered if some disaster like this is lurking inside. It is sad to see your fears come true.