Saturday, October 14, 2006

Finally One Good News

I think whole of Bangladesh should celeberate it more than their Cricket Team's win. Yes finally newspaper in the morning would not be drawing my eyes to broken factories, corruption, killings and 2 coalitions trying to tear the country apart.

Yes for most of the foreigners bangladesh was known for its poverty and for the informed ones it stood also for idea of micro credit story. Micro credit story which was Dr. Yunus story, begining in 1974 and today having been replicated world over.

I had heard news of his clout with worldwide top politicians and diplomats but this Nobel prize really would be much more satisfactory recognition. Beyind recognition of Dr. Yunus I think it is recognition of the idea of Micro Credit as a poverty reduction tool.

Thanks Dr. Yunus for giving a different face to Bangladesh.

( Hope all the politicians will wake up .....!!!)