Thursday, December 24, 2009

Your cellphone or music player or gaming device is your primary computer ...

Hmmm ... we seem to be on the same wavelength :
The trends are pretty clear. All the exciting new applications are running in the browser, with application code in the cloud and the cell phone as the platform. Your cell phone will become your primary computer. I think in the near future there will be docking stations everywhere with a screen and a keyboard. You simply pull out your phone, plug it into the docking station, and instantly all your applications and data are available to you. The key is you get to decide which applications and data to keep resident on your phone, and which to keep in the cloud.
This is what Don Dodge  said in an interview and thats what I was thinking a day before. Only difference being he works at Google ( and comes from Microsoft) ...

My contention goes a bit beyond cell phones ... one needs to include the portable gaming devices and music players in this category of primary computer. It is just a factor of human-device engagement minutes. I see people maintaining at least two of these devices at any point of time. I am not too sure if convergence would really work that well in next 2 years so as to completely eliminate music player and gaming device out of the human device engagement realm. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Google Chrome - finally my default browser

It took long time for Google to add extensions and fix up the glitches on display of pdf files. Finally it has done all that and now it looks likely to stay my default browser.

What made me move to Chrome was frequent crashing of Firefox and my heartfelt dislike for IE. Why I dont like IE? well that stems from their policy of upgrade to IE7 & 8.

Firefox is a good browser but as it kept crashing on me ... I was forced to look for alternatives. Though I am still loyal to mozilla with trusty Thunderbird.

Long live open source :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Google wave .. not even ripples as yet

I had so much expectations from Google wave ... but almost 2 months down the line, it hasnt taken off as yet. I think despite all the claims from wave team .. this connectivity tool has failed big time.

It forgets that there is universe beyond Wave !!!

I think any product today would have to be really very ground breaking to force people into using its own universe for connectivity. So Google .. if you are listening... time to take quick action before Wave dies on the shore..