Monday, September 28, 2009

When would this stop in Uttarakhand

Ever since I came back to Uttarakhand there have been frustrating experiences. Be it small things like the lack of traffic rules enforcement or BJP's internal fighting and hamlet of the CM stalling all the works in the state. After recent change at the helm of affairs in BJP and the subsequent actions like raids on government offices by CM etc., one hoped that now there would be atleast some activity against corruption etc.

But recent incidents involving a not so cleam minister, his chelas in departments and a secretary in secratariat have left me completely baffled. Secretary recommends action against HOD of one department after completion of departmental investigation. Minister instead of approving action against HOD, gives him clean chit instead. Now HOD starts to ask for action against Secretary for harrassing him!!!

Now important thing is, do ministers have right to give clean chit to anyone just like that? If so then why there is no report from minister giving justification or why there has been no investigation committee constituted to refute finding of the earlier investigation? This action has now put departmental discipline in complete dissarray as chain of command is completely broken.

This has now led to another even more embarrassing incident 2 days back when another department involving same minister and same secretary made mockery of departmental descipline. It seems that secretary wanted a particular file for investigation of earlier irregularity in recruitment. He sends his subordinates from secretariat to get the file. HOD of the department refuses to give the file!! Secretary decides to go the office of the department himself, all officials inclduding HOD flee the scene of action!! Can you believe it!! HOD and his staff leave the office just like that. Drama ensues as secretary summons police to look for the HOD !! He waits till late into the night and finally locks the office and gets it sealed!!

Next day's drama is even more embarrassing... Minister and HOD publicly ask for action against the Secretary!! CM and CS also seem to be not happy with the situation but still no statement from CM about the core of the issue ... CORRUPTION!!

So how long will this go on...!! Fight against corruption would be just an eye wash? If ministers are clean why cant they take action or atleast balance their act. I think seeds sown in earlier CM's reign are now sprouting ... total break down of the state's administrative machinery isnt too far...!!