Saturday, February 13, 2010

Are we nation of blind followers?

This latest tamasha in Mumbai is an example of how our countrymen love to follow a leader blindly...!! So much so that simple act of exercising your democratic right becomes act of bravery!!

If Shivsainiks really set aside their blind devotion to supreme leader and try and reason out this latest Fatwa against Shahrukh Khan .. they would realize that how immature this whole thing looks to reasonable people.

Is it the sign of desperation from top leadership of Shiv Sena. In recent past this would be second time they have left themselves looking like fools. When simple act of Rahul travelling in Mumbai was made an issue by them .. they were left with egg on their face and now this movie release has further eroded their reputation.

These small victories may be counter productive for the future of Mumbai as now Sena(s) might get desperate and turn to more violent means to regain their power over people. Lets just hope that Shiv Sainiks realize the futility of following wishes of other people and take their destinies in their own hands by working hard and making productive use of their time.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Living in a world full of batteries..

Was just wondering if batteries were the most influential invention on our lives!!