Monday, October 27, 2008

That elusive device

For last one year I have been a regular visitor to Engadget and Gizmodo. Tech news is also some kinda addiction. We are looking for that dream device all the time. We are easily aroused by the news of Apple's latest events ( thats a loss for the porno sites) and easily deflated seeing that design wizs at apple have decided not to give us all they can.

It is amazing how apple can get away with it, each time they announce a new device they don't fully load it. Then come their annual improvements giving us same things which could have been there at the first place already. Consumers should make a statement by not buying these half loaded devices on initial launch so that apple would someday relent. Then who am I kidding..!!!

Seriously for last one year I am looking for one device which would not be as unwieldy as a laptop, would be as easy to operate using touch interface like ipod/iphones, would have bigger screen sizes to fit a normal webpage or a document page, would have wireless Internet connectivity and someone please throw in mobile phone capability also. All that should come in at around rs. 20000 price band, a combination of ipod, iphone & kindle.

Closest is again ipod or iphone but prices are somehow not inviting enough as yet. I saw ASUS R2E also as an option but I think, like Apple ASUS also is trying to skim the market first. Archos has a device on their website but i think in India we don't have a reseller for it as yet and I am not sure if the device will last me even a year.

So the search is on ...!! Any suggestions??

Aarthik Manddi

Diwali normally is the time when people invite Laxmi home and hope she stays through the year with them. I think rich do it more feverishly than the poor ( who actually need Laxmi more).

This year its same for rich and poor, given that Bushonomics has brought us all down to earth. Stock indexes around the world are being monitored for newer lows. Stars of last Diwali may find it hard to smile this time around.

Failure of market economics somehow has cheered up the government wallahs and leftists more than anyone ( they are in minority always though). I have heard such absurdly funny comments from some corners like look what have these IIT and IIM wallahs have done :)

It will take some time for the MBAs to recover from this stigma!!

Some bad rumours and people with half knowledge arent helping the situation though:
1. Even kids are talking about as to how ICICI Bank will soon close down. If it wasn't, it just might now.

Though few examples of slowdown around us are not bad for a chuckle or two though :

1. Diwali Card games have now a limit for maximum "chaal" :)

(share if you have some nice examples)