Sunday, October 05, 2008

Is it tough to say goodbye to windows?

Most of my work is done on MacBook these days and I am typing this on Ubuntu machine. All that said, it still is tough to get away from Windows world. Every electronic footprint all around us is most likely to be a windows based one.

So it was natural for me to ensure that I have options of windows on my Macbook when it came to me, thanks to generousity from Brij. I used parallels and kept windows running on my machine. Slowly i kept using less of windows and soon it became irritating space hogging entity. Last week to my horror i realized that I was reduced to 2gb of balance space on my Macbook. Little did I realize that i had racked up almost 6000 photos on my iPhoto!!

So it was now survival of the fittest for digital entities on my machine. First casualty were freely downloaded stuff which didnt help me much. Now there was a toss up between 20 gb locked up space for my parallels virtual machine for windows XP and my multimedia assets. It wont take much to guess what happened next!!

I did this partly with the knowledge that I have windows machine at arms length in office and other places if I need to bow down to Billy the kid again. But its a long way to road to freedom still :)

Just wish for the day when our accessories wouldnt be tied to a platform circa windows days!!