Thursday, June 03, 2010

Class Wars

This morning while driving to office, heard BBC program on Thai Red Shirt protests. The biggest refrain from this protest was about common man's perception of the government and class systems. Be it democracy or monarchy, class system dictates the systems of governance. Even communism has not been spared, its just that tables get turned and oppressed becomes the oppressor.

I couldn't help but draw parallels to Maoism movements of India, Nepal and early Chinese people's revolution. In all cases common man, the poor staged the uprising against the ruling elites of their nations. If you see there is always a very uneasy and tense balance between the elite and commoners and in all this middle class normally sides with elite barring a few exceptions here and there.

I cant say that I have a solution to all this but just the realization of this class war reality can help us look for the solutions. Be it NREGA or any other measures ( which elite immediately pounce on as populist policy) show that it doesn't take much to keep the common man happy... or may I say quiet. In the same BBC program their was a mention of how Takshin Sinawatra also produced his own brand of populist scheme by giving 1 million Baht fund to villages for creating easy loans to poor. I must say, not such a bad scheme. More than the money it is the decision making power which has been given in the hands for those poor people. But going beyond that one needs to look at creating opportunities for common people and equitable justice system to make "everyone" happy and give a lasting solution.

It is interesting to know that poor countries, hotbed of such class wars, stand out with their flawed judicial systems. Judicial systems which come down heavily on poor people.

We can learn a lot from Americans also as to how they have been able to do with their democracy.

Who can bring this change?... I think it would take all of us .. not just the poor common people...!!