Friday, September 16, 2005


Being a Hindu is such a convenient don't have to know the whole drill in your daily life..
when one is in India the services of priests etc is always available to perform the religious rites and I guess Hindu religion is one of the few that require holi blessings for all things in life.

So this morning I had to get a small pooja done for the new office. Normally we have one of our female colleagues who is expert on this kind of thing. It so happened that "nalla neram" ( proverbial good time) and her time of the month collided and left us male colleagues grappling with the situation. Being in Bangladesh we don't have any local Hindu colleague. Our expat junta is mix of Hindu, Muslim and Christian.

so in the end four of us... one muslim, one christian and two hindus performed pooja...( and muslim and christian were the ones who had more contribution then 2 of us)

how about that for a story on SECULARISM...:)