Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bombs and us

In last 2 days We have been jolted by serial blasts. This time the new set of people are dedicating themselves to make these blasts really serial in nature.

It is dreadful but somehow the impact of the blasts doesn't seem to register in our minds. As long as it is a news we watch on tele, we dont seem to get affected by the shock and grief of it.

The slack law and order gets away every time behind this propaganda about spirit of the city and spirit of people. Why we get these bomb blasts almost every year now? Why people are not vigilant and above all why the police of our states is not vigilant at all.

I remember my early days in Delhi when we were reeling under the Punjab problem, everytime we used to board a bus we would sure look under our seats just to ensure that there was no strange thing lurking out there.

The day Bangalore blasts happened I called my friends and relatives in the city and to my surprise none seemed to be shocked or scared.. have we learnt to live with Bombs.

Is it that like all other ills that plague our nation.. be it potholes on the road or mockery of democracy..bombs have become just another thing to avoid and live with??