Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mac... i am loving it.. BUT....someone change these batteries please

Got a new Macbook Pro... thanks to Brij !!
new experience and all was going more or less cool..
then had first brush with heat of Macbook...
thank god these batteries dont blow up on you...
but they do generate enough heat.. i guess those guys who made eggs on it werent lying...

till then i bravely stuck in .. but then 3 times comp went blank on me..
after bit of peer consulting... i paid attention to my battery... it has a bit of raised surface now..

on brij's advice signed up for battery exchange... but then lo behold came 2 liner help
Apple does not directly handle service requests for your country.
Please contact your local distributor for repair arrangements.

now what ?? have to check tomorrow and see if i will be loving mac experience as i did on day one..

Update : now it crashes even when battery is 70% !!!
and i am yet to find on Apple's website listing the resellers handling their product or battery exchange in Bangladesh... shouldnt Apple have this information handy on the site ?? Laptops travel and i think Apple wants it reach to grow in every nook and corner in the world... but if this is how .. then i guess they would need to send space shuttles to this corner of the world

Update day 13 since
...: Local reseller says he has informed Apple singapore and they need a receipt of purchase !!! Brij is still searching for it and i am running on a battery that doesnt last a minute ......!!! i dont know why apple cant replace battery without a receipt when serial number shd verify the purchase !!!!! when .. when...!!!???

Update day 21 since
:....i guess receipt is lost and so i am suspended .. battery runs 45 seconds :).... i dont know how in the hell these batteries reached all the way down to consumers !!!! now only thing i can do is wait for receipt to be found or apple singapore to realize that problem is serious enough to drop the requirement of receipt to solve this serious problem.....

update day 26 : bigger batteries :).. it just keeps growing and growing...
i have now taken out the battery.. laptop is turning into desktop...