Sunday, December 07, 2008

Bye Bye Freebies... Closing of free services!!

In last one week I have come across atleast 2 bits of news about web 2.0 services closing down. This made me wake up to a possible reality that jus might hit us soon!! what about free services like blogger, picasa etc. are forced to stop !!!

It just might happen soon... for sure there is no bail out plan out there for these web 2.0 services.

So I have decided to make a list of services closing down or bought over (closed anyway).. and hope against the hope that my favourite services dont end up in this list.. ( so far so good!)

  1. Pownce : This was once upon a time twitter rival, co-founded by Digg Founder, now it is bought up by anither company and so service stops!!
  2. Stikkit : A post it type of service. I havent used it so cant tell you how bad this is for the users for the service
  3. ??