Thursday, April 23, 2009

Taliban, Maoists ... same things but different names

Driving and thinking is not advisable but this morning while BBC was going on and on about how America now suddenly views Pakistan as a problem, this thought crossed my mind. If we all look at the fundamental level Talibanism, Maoism or any other "ism" comes from dissatisfaction with the ruling regimes.

All these movements start as small pebbles thrown in the water and as the size of the pebble becomes bigger ripples become disconcerting waves crashing on the shores. Slowly the nuisance turns into nemesis. The mere power in the hands of dissatisfied lot becomes a justification for their survival, ideology then becomes unimportant and safeguarding power becomes paramount.

Noble Islam gets turned into Talibanism, fight for justice for the poor becomes Maoism ... and if we as citizens keep ignoring the welfare for fellow citizens then we should brace ourselves for the next ism in our neighbourhood.