Tuesday, February 14, 2006

conversion ..?

most of my posts are news or tv derivative and this one is no different.
this comes from VHP/RSS's latest Shabri Kumbh. these days both these organizations are out to stake their claim on population of this country as their domain. They want all unclaimed hindus on firnges like adivasis to be well and proper cardholding members of hindu community so that these poor souls will not lose their chance to achieve nirvana by falling prey to conversion to any othe religion.
they want a law to prohibit other religions to convert any hindus and such other ambiguous hindus.

one question i want to ask these two organizations and any other such organization as to what they have done or would do to stop the caste violences in hindus, specially north india. where one hindu is not equal to the other after 5000 years of enligtenment and 50 + years of independence. i havent seen people like Mr. Togadia still make any of his trishul marches to protect any of these victims who are put under all kind of discrimination and violence.

i dont know if these organizations were ruling the earth in our previous milleniums and centuries there would be no zainism/ budhism/ sikhism. Hindutva always allowed people to introspect and find their own belief and gods. But i guess now hindutva is left to VHP/RSS prescription only