Monday, March 26, 2007

Country India??

Its all team India .. team India !!! what happened to country India??
Is cricket only one of our woes ??

What are we becoming?

i wish we would go back to the days of 1983 when we didn't have so many TV news channels amplifying the news to such high pitch harangue. Specially about cricket. I would rather settle down for just the news than these "match ka mujrim kaun" type of lynch shows.

If one were to judge these protesters performance in their lives with similar standards then I guess none would have their houses intact or their effigies being burnt all around. We look like a nation with highly imbalanced psychological profile. Rewind to days prior to World cup beginning and same guys were going overboard with their hero worship. I would like to ask if one chose a hero to worship and hero failed thereafter, why should one go and penalize hero?

We have become worshipper of only success, when someone is successful we don't want to know how, for how long. we just want to ride the wave. Our contribution in success maybe zero or even negative but we will not forget to join the party. We have no inclination to build from failures as we don't know how to deal with failures.

We cant hope to get winners just like that!! No pain no gain!! So learn to fight the pain of loss and not cause pain to others!!