Friday, March 10, 2006

A new colour for nation

Basanti, rang de tu mohe basanti... thats the song making buzz around the nation. Movie does tinge hearts and minds with its flavour of basanti.

One of the characters, aslam, says something to the effect that he would never have imagined that someday something would happen in their happy go lucky lives. Something so big that would stir them into action. Something that would change the values of people around them and something that would change their assessment of life completely. We also weren't expecting a movie like this specially as last 2 decades in the liberalized era have spawned only (mostly)chocolate romances.

a fresh wave of idealism, packaged with ample doses of history and refurbished with a modern Indian youth's perspective of life does its trick.

I sat flipping channels and my mind a bundle of million thoughts after watching the movie.
trying to reassess my life before the colour wears down with daily dose of reality.
feel like a time bomb ticking and waiting for hour of glory to explode someday.
aren't we all time bombs ticking slowly to death, just not knowing when that would happen?

Though it is hard to say if the recent public activism in Jessica Lal case has been in anyway catalyzed by Rang de Basanti but it would be heartening to believe that movie had some effect in some direct or indirect way.