Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rats... chickens ......Cars.......what next ??

One would have to believe that either all the human characters are finished or hollywood has found new formula of transplanting human drama onto animals and inanimate objects to make big bucks.

They have made chickens fly and dance... cars talk and act.. wha next.. maybe next movie will be called tables... chairs... lamp posts :)

Monday, June 26, 2006

Difference of opinion.. in built mechanism against revolt?

i was watching Big Fight on NDTV. topic was trivial in some way, Ostentatious indian weddings. Debate was lively wher both sides of coin tried to shine more than the other but i dont know if one side did learn from the other in any way.

if you look around it is hard not to notice difference of opinion as the driving force for world's existence. democracy that protects and guarantees the right to difference of opinion. Auotcratic regimes that motivate oppressed public to fight to acheive the same right.

from morning till evening there is only differnece of opinions all around. i guess choice must be a by product of this and sure we are thankful for choices. but there is whole industry built around the difference of opinions and finding ways to tame and mould the same. Companies go around the campuses of best B schools to look for new messiah who would bring peace to their bank accounts.

the only factor that tries to find ways to diminish the difference of opinion is religion, where everyone is supposed to surrender the opinion and dedicate oneself to devotion. but guess what we have created too many religions !!!!

i was thinking about early robot stories where the insecure human creators would build in mechanisms that would lend the machine inert if it ever tries to turn on against the creator.

now was the creator of mankind equally insecure ?