Saturday, March 12, 2005

Democracy/ Human Rights

I was watching BBC program, Question Time Shanghai.

There was discussion centered around human rights issues and what struck me was, what is the essential thing about human rights

I think it is always the question of issues of minority against majority..

Question of ruled ones against rulers….

We human beings have been thru many experiments in governance throughout the history of civilization and pre-civilization.

And experiments still continue….

There is so much hue and cry about democracy….

But the essence of all systems has been the utopian pictures they paint in ideal situations..

And reality has always been a soured dream..

Each time the equation is between power and ideals… and power seems to tilt the scale…

So in each system there is assumed set of human rights, if adhered to in ideal terms which should provide the satisfactory results.

What sours the issue is power in the hands of few or some majority, which forgets all about these things in their frenzy of controlling the power…

But just think of it from a different point of view….

Who rules this universe?…

Do we have something like Human rights … in this context?

If the concept of One God is correct then we are not ruled by any democracy..

We are ruled by a power that is seemingly fair in its act and swift in its judgement..

Isn’t that a suitable form of governance?

Just a thought….!!

That is what millions do every few years…

Choose their gods to lord over them … and discover how lords never come close to gods..