Saturday, March 05, 2005

so far away from me

sitting in dhaka these days is like setting yourself in exile...
all we do is think about production of garments, figting with suppliers to meet delivery dates

all the excitement seems to be happening at indian shores...
be it farcical elections and government forming....
or our ingenious FM producing his canny budgets... ( in danger of being nicknamed
10Rs FM)
or Sania shining ...
Karthikeyan cruising into F1

Elections and Government :
i think our democracy is slowly on decline now
this is pathetic low specially Goa and Jharkhand....
i think we shd do away with this system of governors being appointed by Ruling party
there has to be some public accountability of Governors and speaker of the house etc
they are sitting like stooges and carrying out their master's wishes

the only thing everyone is harping about is
10Rs issue ... i think rest has been forgotten
in the end our man will roll back this with some different provision amount

there was a nice buzz on sania beating world no. 6
and in some minds it was forgone conclusion in simple mathematics that she will beat world no. 28 too!!
but that didnt happen ....
i saw her speak yesterday on some sports channel....
she rattles out her lines at the same speed as her forehands ( some say it is as good as Steffi's)
i reserve my judgement on it...
but nice to see someone go the distance and fulfill the promise she had shown at younger age ( relative term for tennis players)

last night i heard that our man broke speed limits in the pit lane..
hope he breaks speed barriers on the race track too
this morning i saw that our man has managed 9th postion in 1st qualifying, a rain marred one though
lets hope and wait