Tuesday, August 09, 2005


There was this nice post on Rambling Monolgues which inspired me to recount my similar experience ( years back )... since monolguist did bestow the comment with a smile i thought it would be worthy of rehashing and sharing with a few of you who by some cosmic coinicidence land on my blog every once in a while...

this reminded me of my funny experiences in second year engg. as usual me and my friend did a night out for the midterm..we mugged the whole stuff and were pretty cocky to crack this one..
we were standing outside the class at 9.50 in the morning and were surprised to see everyone seated and bent over on their answer papers with serious looking madam hovering over the proceedings. my friend and me were kinda frozen in shock with sudden realization like rip van winkle. my friend didnt have the courgae to walk in and check if the exam had started early or we were late... so i took it upon me to walk in and dare the embarassment. i walked in and asked madam if can have answer sheet. madam looked at me and said "additional answer sheet ??"
(actually test had started at 9 whereas we two had given ourselves 1 hour extra time thinking it was at 10) i just smiled and beat the retreat and sat in canteen with friend, drowning sorrows in tea and samosa, waiting for the rest of the class to emerge from test and complete our day's misery :)