Monday, October 17, 2005

A Team that never was

Ist Innings Total      (all out, 65.3 overs, 303 mins)         199
IInd Innings Total (all out, 50 overs, 204 mins) 144

These two score cards read without context would lead you to believe that a team like Bangladesh or Zimbawe
got caught into some unfair fight with stronger teams.
But these are the scores of the ICC world XI, handpicked
by the expert committee, the best players in the world!! a team that doesnt lack quality by any standards, a team
that has performers who have been in best form even 1 month prior to the whole tamasha!!

I think England's performance and this current result puts the whole issue of team game into right perspective.
It is not the quantity of quality players alone but the spirit and passion of the team that plays a big role and a team
doesnt get built in one day...!!