Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ershad... Ershad ...Ershad !!

Politics is a dirty word in subcontinent and then one wonders why? Cliches like politics makes strange bedfellows will not die a quick death in subcontinent politics.

These days in Bangladesh politics there is nothing called untouchable. Everyone has some votebank or the other and main parties i guess have eroded their base themsleves so much that they lack confidence to face elections alone.

Never in his wildest dreams General Ershad would have thought that he would have any role to play in Bangladesh politics after his ouster from office , let alone such an important one. Today ruling party seems to be in such dire need of ex general, arch enemy of democracy that there are moves afoot to offer him likely Presidential post if their coalition were to win 2007 elections!!!

I guess any party that makes a deal like this with ex-dictator will have lot of explaining to do with their electorate but given the state of politics in subcontinent they may get away with their strategy in this number game.

Massive protests on 1990-1991 where millions would have toiled to overthrow regime of a dictator, come 2007 he may just get voted back into same president's chair again!!