Friday, April 20, 2007

Jahnavi... a riddle or ridicule ...?

I think before this morning Abhi Aish wedding was going quite listless before kahani mein twist entered with slitted wrist. I really dont know who to sympathize with in this whole story. What followed in the press conference was really big time entertainment and mockery of journalism. Whole of media was out there in full force and in matter of hours they dug out her life history, they dug out all the so called family members, they managed to get them on the phone and made conversation public, with caption how this whole thing is exclusive on their channels, how they were first to get to so and so relative.

I guess daily soaps have a big challenge in hand from news channels...
p.s. : strangely police took a statement from her in the night and after seeing press conference now have sent 2 teams ( mind you 2 teams !!!) to arrest her in attempt to suicide case !!