Sunday, April 08, 2007

Just not cricket

Who owns indian cricket? is it the BCCI the so called the body running indian cricket? Is it the so called super stars of indian cricket who tend to falter at the alter so often? Or is it the vociferous ex cricketers who voice more opinions than runs they had scored all their lives? Or is it millions ( sorry the billion as somes blues pushers would love to say) of indian cricket fans who are win hungry, who have forgotten to admire a good cricketing spectacle, who tend to see every cricket match like movie lagaan?
Or media which tends to use issues which are meaty and juicy?

Alas today there are only questions and this is the only sentence without a question mark :).

But is it just about overhauling the so called rotting system of BCCI only? or is it about indian psyche? We are a country where every leader was allowed to lead ( or rule) almost till his last breath. We are a country where guests are supposed to be gods and thus tend to overstay their welcome by default. Is this the reason why leadership qualities of Ganguly once included giving security to the failing players, as it was said he had faith in their abilitie. so certain amount of chances finally led to some successes in the end and thereby the both the leader and followers survived. Is that almost akin to law of averages or is it the good old argument of some of our esteemed commentators " class always shines in the end"?

We are a country where i think one Advani will forever be PM in waiting and his party would never be able to shake off the charm of good old Vajpayee the PM till his last breath.

It is not for the first time we are getting glimpse of the perform or perish psyche from west. look at british where even charisma of Thatcher couldnt guarantee her job security and you have laour demanding a walk into the sunset from Blair( much of his own doing..though in india that wouldnt happen even after cumulative of all the doings of these politicians). Chappel wasnt giving us any revolutinary lesson here, he was just trying to put in to practice his natural instincts of survival of the fittest( not only darvinian variety though) but i guess he didnt realize that he was fighting 5000 year old indian culture of Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam. It was natural insticts of us indians which may have forced insecure players to look for godfathers. Chappel won the battle once though by getting the message across to the untouchable Dada of all but finally lost the war.

(its a work in progress just as things around us...)