Sunday, November 30, 2008

India in Mumbai

Finally Taj is free and world is back to normal. We can now safely switch from news channels to our daily dose of soaps and cooked up reality shows.

It took a Shyam Benegal to remind our news channels that this tragedy was not limited to 5 star hotels, elites, foreigners and slain police officers... it involved hapless unfortunate people at VT station or those police constables who had nothing but a wooden batons to shield themselves from volley of bullets. It was a tragedy of bystanders.

The loss to economy is getting calculated for big businesses but spare a thought for Mumbai's millions who live from day to day and whose life is tied to streets. For them loss of a day is question of life and death. Terrorists didnt need bullets to kill them.

Of all this I hope now Mumbai would be free from the parochialism of Thakres who seem to think that they own the city. Whole of India converged on to Mumbai, for 3 days Mumbai was India and I just hope it remains so forever...