Thursday, July 16, 2009

Super Citizens!!

After every election we witness this phenomena. Ex MPs, MLAs Ministers not rushing to vacate their official residences and perks etc.

Uttarakhand though is witnessing a slightly different version of it these days. As a result of BJP's internal politics last CM had to resign. He did this but only after installing his own nominee to the same post. It has been almost a month since the new CM has taken over but still he is not able to move into the official CM residence. The pretext is that a suitable accommodation has not been found by the state government for the ex CM.

It maybe a courtesy extended by the new CM but I think it stinks of a very unethical practice of our politicians who consider themselves super citizens. As ex CM is now only an MLA, he should set some example of ethics and honesty( which he and his supporters keep repeating as his virtues) by moving out of the CM residence atleast.

Just hope that this doesnt create a new precedent for future CMs!!

The bigger question is, in democracy should there be a room for creating such super citizens for whom state government has to provide all these facilities? Ex CMs, Ministers, MLAs already amass enough wealth through corruption and on top of it taxpayers have to give them retirement benefits? Rewards for poor governance?!!