Saturday, July 09, 2005

What is it about London news that still bothers me?
I have been hearing differing point of views…

My cousin : there are thousands dying on the planet specially in Iraq/ Africa/ middle east.. only when it happens to London and Newyork world seems to take note.

News : Blair and Queen keep saying that London will go on.. British way of life will go on…. Terrorists will not be able to deter our way of life…..

Me : I say to my friend … thank god you are alive, thank god nothing happened to you..

In all this … what about the people who died or got injured on that day…. Or the ones who are paying the price everyday, all over the world, for our degeneration into civilized savages? What was their fault? What was their life worth? Just a statistics? ….just a headline in the news … for a few days?…just a score in the long list of vengeance seeking madmen?

In their show of courage maybe Blair, Queen and many Londoners are robbing off the victims of their due mourning. Isn’t there a lesson to be learnt in all of this? Not a lesson in how to beef up your national security ….. but a lesson on how not to make enemies for your nation and its people. Nations send their people to war…. never imagining that war comes back to people eventually …sometimes in bodybags and sometimes as vengeance of the vanquished. It is not a defence for this terrible and despicable action of some deranged people but a general lesson in life… live and let live.

From my cousin’s point of view there should be some perspective balance on death of people everywhere…are the deaths comparable …. Is the grief a thing to compare?

For those who didn’t make it back home from the London trains and bus…. Who can explain that they lost their lives as sacrifice on the high altar of British way of life or more precisely British foreign policy and some deranged philosophy of vengeance in the name of God?