Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Do you know your shirtmaker any more ???

Do you know your shirtmaker any more ? or should i say, would you like to know your shirtmaker anymore. Gone are the days when your clothes came from trusted family tailors who knew your measurments just by looking at you. Gone are the days when your clothes used to come out freshly off the tailor's machine and they were hemmed by their swift fingers or buttons were handstitched in front of you and they were freshly ironed in front of you and that still warm piece of clotingwas given to you wrapped in the brown paper bags....

Gone are those tailors, replaced by the giant assembly line operators in some cheap labour country or the other. As the free market economics caravan moves on, chews on cheap labour bones around the world to satisfy our insatiable hunger for those cheaper shirts which would though give living to so many but somehow have taken away the charm of good old days.

those clothes in the shopping windows and beautiful catalogues dont show as to how some hardworking asians have sweated overnight to make the urgent shipments, to hit the shops on time. how just before the day of their biggest festivals ( be it chinese new year or eid or pongal) trying to meet deadline to catch his hard earned ticket for bus/train ride home and packing that last piece into cartons that will get him the money which will make festival a festive occasion.

ironies are common place in our world. in today's world we need somebody to exploit our potential and get us that money in return which we would in turn spend on buying something which would be result of exploitation of someoneelse's skills somewhere in some unknown corner of the world. products today have just price tags, no emotion, feelings respect associated with them anymore.