Friday, January 20, 2006

Oh Gowd(a)....

They say cricket is game of uncertainties and I guess politics is world of uncertain people. Last year it was drama in Jharkhand where BJP took its MLAs for Bharat Darshan ( though Bharat for BJP is the states governed by it only which they are always seeking to extend down south like Aurangjeb) and now we have new year gift from BJP and Mr. Deve Gowda's son.

life was going dull, what with the dead pitch in Lahore and I guess that must have persuaded Mr. Kumaraswamy pull this rabbit out of the hat and give a lease of life to sagging political career of Mr. Venkaiah Naidu. Mr. Naidu had all but disappeared from the small screen in last year and now resurfaced in his favourite territory of Jod Tod ki Rajniti. As cliche goes politics brings strange bedfellows together and I guess after sometime bedfellows like to make bed with others ( I guess not getting the right side of the bed ). That reminds me of Jack Nicholson uttering oh not so romantic line to Diane keaton in something's gotta give, "You know I'm not good at being monogamous, right?"( that too after one lifechanging experience of love making at 60 without viagra). I guess Kumaraswamy should forewarn his BJP befellows in advance.

as we wait for the next act, as Mr. Dharam Singh has to really find a miracle ( a minor miracle has already happened as BJP nominated governor handed him a reprieve of 9 days) to save the government. As media speculates and bestows the title of master strategist to Mr. Deve Gowda who is credited with killing a few birds with one stone and Mr. Deve Gowda states that these are saddest days of his political life, we have nothing but to suffer the inane media coverage for next few days with insane amount of prime time spots given to politicians who have only personal greed to serve and not public interest.