Saturday, January 19, 2008

Is it the day davids got goliaths ?

As i write this India has floored Australia in Perth and an unknown Tipsarovich has taken Roger Federer to 8-9 in fifth set!!!

Roger might get out of this one but surely we are seeing another Serbian stake his claim to world fame in Tennis. There is this steely look in his eyes and has a game to match. He has unnerved federer like no other ...not even Nadal.

As for Aussies, I think this win has meant a comeback for so many in indian team that it must be a collective come back of sorts. For last few years I have been wondering when we would see Ricky Ponting loose that amzing form( it looked just like Federer's reign) and finally in this series he has been made to feel human again.

Update: Roger finally made it through!! But bravo Tipsarovich!!