Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Living in the times of 9% growth...

Actually when one is trying to settle down in a smaller town in these times of heady growths it is difficult to find the right mix between optimism and frustrations.

Ever since we have come to settle down in Dehradun it has been a mixed bag. Everytime we get our hope balloons up there comes a frustration puncturing it flat.

Maybe it is just that we expect a lot but things are not changing quite as fast. Real estate prices may sky rocket but facilities seem always spiraling down. Just to list a few of our frustrations :

1. BSNL can not provide a landline in our area, we want one to get a broadband.

2. There is no regular garbage collection from the area. Some bloke is running a service under the garb of NGO but it seems to be controlled by the garbage collector who is as rude as BSNL employee :).

3. Shops seem to be full of people who thinks csutomers grow like grass under their feet and treat them same as well. Other day my brother's family had come to visit us. Seeing size of our kitchen utensils he declared that we would need to grow up and move up in size. So both of us went around scanning the market. We landed in a shop where bloke showed us a few pots of steel. Things went on to price enquiry and as steel sells by weight we asked him to weigh the thing. He started putting the polycover back on the piece so we asked him if he was planning to weight with the cover on?.. lo and behold he said yes ...:)