Saturday, July 08, 2006

Free Tibet....???

For many years I had always explained about my native place as area near Indo-Nepal and Indo-Tibet border. The fact that we have organization called ITBP (Indo Tibetan Border Police) and we have given Tibetan exiles a place in our country and our hearts too, we Indians by and large support Free Tibet cause.

But last few years of India shining and change of world order in terms of wild fire spread of free market economy Tibet's cause had got sidelined in some way. From the front pages it has been denigrated to some editorials alone. Like Green Peace activists, Tibetan activists also have been forced to do some extreme stunts to draw attention of people.

Free Tibet has been reduced to faded print on some old t-shirts from our college days maybe. For many Delhi-ites Tibet's mention is some cheap chhang, steamy momos and Tibetan market only.

Till date I also didn't know that there was a Free Tibet day. It seems this year it had been slated for 6th July. A day too late am I ? But isn't the whole world few years too late for the cause?

As China's economy booms every year and it wields more and more influence on world politics, who will get Tibet's freedom ?? Is Free Tibet relevant to world of Free market economics anymore ? World's super power doesn't mention it in its world view, UN has no strategy on it, India has given in to Chinese pressure on its previous stand.....that leaves just a few romantics and rest of Tibetan population !!!

Free Tibet ? Yes!!! But HOW ???