Friday, July 07, 2006

Windows... time to close ??

WGA... That's the latest from house of Bill Gates. His philanthropy it seems doesn't include giving away free windows software to the world. So here he is sending spies down the tube ( picture those machines swooping down into human colony and human ships in Matrix!!! ) and there will pop up euphemism of calling you a thief in sweetest manner possible, "You maybe running a Non Genuine copy of WindowsXX"

Here I think Microsoft is missing the bus for sure. Today's buzzword is open source ( which used to mean free software till recently) and that's the way of the future for sure. If one would look at the strategy of the most successful of these one thing stands out foremost. Each one is dying to get adopted by user first and that's where free part comes in. Companies are releasing community edition which is mostly free and then next is where all these companies are going in the direction of commercializing the same software for enterprises.

Microsoft so far had no problem for the first stage as they were running without competition almost. I would say even piracy has helped windows hegemony as it made windows a dominant user platform thus forcing other software companies to develop mostly windows version of their softwares.

thanks to Linux and Linux faithfuls I think today ground is ready to topple windows in one go!! Remember what firefox did !!!!

if anyone is listening, time is now to make that transition... only fear is that ... I hope we aren't walking from one lion's den to another !!