Friday, July 07, 2006

World Cup ??

Hmm... so we are down to last 2 from 32 we started with. I dont know if this is refelection of today's world order that last 2 teams in the final dont represent the poor of the world. Essentially out of 32 countries that qualified here we had seen countries from africa and sout america fall behind in the race. Asian representattives werent exactly poor nations as they come from one of the developed economies and oil economies. Has football lost its common man's game character?

But seriously it is becoming a moneymaking machine now from a loved sport that once it was.

Today any sport has to become a money churning machine in order to survive in competitive environment of prime time TV slots. Games are being changed to make them more entertaining. Its surely going both ways good and bad but finally which way? only time will tell.

there was a time when people used to play sports for the love of it and today they chose on the basis of earning potential i think. but still, it is better than having to hear "padhoge likhoge, banoge nawab / kheloge koodoge, bangoge kharab" ( means if u study hard u will become king and if you play around you will go waste ).

so as the world cup has turned into European cup, still we the supporters of undying faith will stay glued to TV sets, oohing aahing and changing into shirts of the latest winners!!!